Hello there, my name is Marina.
I’m thrilled to introduce my new online bridal shop, Glamour Bride USA!
We offer modern bridal hair styles and accessories for your wedding day.
Let me tell you about myself.
I opened my first shop on ETSY in April 2017 with my mission statement “100% happiness guarantee | always”.
My brides and their families were so incredibly happy with my hair accessories (and their prices) that they were raving!
As you can see my ETSY shop already made over 14,000 sales , 1.500.000 $ (yes million and  a half ) in sales, and more then a thousand 5-star reviews.
As a bridal shop owner, my main goal is customer service and to make the shopping experience fun. We offer great style options, assist with alterations, and make new friends while doing it.
Just six months after I launched my store, I knew I needed to expand.  And partner with hair salons.
I’m offering you my
How it works:
I’ll ship you my product samples 50% off their sale price. You can sell them in your salon at any price you choose.
Check out  My Best Sellers.
Whenever one of your brides makes a purchase, you can order another product from my online shop via your affiliate account and get 10% off your order.
Sell them again at any price you want and order online again.
In addition, you can refer your brides to my online shop and get 10% referral commission.
Any time a bride uses your coupon code and/or lists your name on her order and makes a purchase, you will receive a 10% cash commission.
Commissions are paid the first week of every month through PayPal.
The referral affiliate program is absolutely free and you are under no obligation.
If you are interested, join our
click link below
Or email me if you have any questions.
Thanks Marina.